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Brandy Vallance is a literary agent with Barbara Bova Literary Agency. 
Brandy comes from a long line of storytellers. An old soul, she fell in love with passed-down tales, the odd and unexplained, and the pursuit of answering the mysteries that perplex us all. She loves to wander down ancient paths, explore dusty libraries, and does occasional archaeology. Her books are a lush escape into timeless romance, breathtaking adventure, and push the boundaries of what is expected.

Brandy is the winner of two national writing awards, one of which included a $20,000 prize. Her critically acclaimed novel, The Covered Deep, has been featured in USA Today and Writer’s Digest. Romantic Times called her second novel “passionate and riveting” and Publishers Weekly encourages those who like sweeping Scottish sagas to dive in because “the journey is wonderful.”

After more than two decades in the world of publishing, Brandy has joined Barbara Bova Literary Agency, and she is looking forward to being a champion of amazing writers and outstanding books. Throughout the years, Brandy has been a Writing Coach, a Story Consultant, and an international Publishing Specialist. For hundreds of writers, her mentorship has broken the chains of fear and self-doubt. From teaching Master Classes to sitting at quiet tables, Brandy loves helping people explore their deepest truths.

“Brandy believes in the high calling of storytelling, and she lights the way for writers, as well as readers. Page by page, she walks in the legacy of those who have gone before her, and she holds a torch for any who are seeking their way.”


“Quality fiction. While I do read more frequently in some genres, my book love is very eclectic. If you’ve put hard work into the craft of writing and you have an amazing book, query me! Quality is more important than genre…

I represent these genres, but I am also not limited to these genres: historical fiction, historical romance, historical mystery, romance, literary, women’s fiction, Southern fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, adventure, speculative, inspirational, thriller.

I’m a fan of: atmospheric writing; stories set in the British Isles, Europe, or exotic locations; Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian romance; Victorian time period in general (other centuries are welcome too); archaeology / artifacts / history’s mysteries; stories that explore Biblical themes without being preachy (ex. Charles Martin books); Appalachian stories / mountain culture; fantasy & sci-fi in almost every sub-category; characters who are writers, artists, or have a unique profession; and more.”


Please review the agency’s submission guidelines before you submit. Brandy accepts queries via her Query Manager Submission Page.

TIP: Wait until after January 15th to query due to the holiday season. Many agents may not be back in office yet.



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