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Andrew Dugan joined DG&B in 2020 as an assistant in financials and subsidiary rights. Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, he completed his B.A. in English at Drew University with coursework in Arabic and International Relations. After interning in magazines and attending the Columbia Publishing Course’s inaugural virtual session, he knew he wanted to work closely with authors on the agenting side.

“I inherited my love of reading from my grandfather who believed that books could change the way we experience life. I didn’t understand what he meant until I read Jane Eyre as a sophomore in high school. I was inspired by the titular character’s ability to persevere in a difficult world.”


Andrew is open to queries with particular interest in LGBTQ+ stories, gothic fiction, stories with a rich sense of humor, and literary fiction with a compelling hook. On the nonfiction end, he has a love for language-driven memoir that balances propulsive narrative with huge vulnerability. He’s also seeking narrative nonfiction that has strong elements of social justice and is interested in popular science.

“Nothing excites me more than fresh voices who are unafraid to play with genre, language, and point of view in distinct ways. I love to see brave stories with high stakes that test a protagonist’s resilience but still hold space for laugh-out-loud moments. Generally, my language preferences skew towards the light rather than the dark — I love to see heavier stories that maintain a sense of whimsy.

On the fiction side, I am most excited to get my hands on LGBTQ thrillers and upmarket fiction. For thrillers, think Jonathan Parks-Ramage’s YES, DADDY or PJ Vernon’s BATH HAUS. It’s difficult for me to put down a story where queer characters confront suspenseful, specifically queer stakes. When it comes to upmarket fiction, I would love to see anything from the stricter romance of Natasha Siegel to thoughtful historical fiction like Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s THE MERCIES in my inbox. For historical fiction specifically, I find that I tend to sink my teeth into stories that forego grander, era-long arcs in favor of more specific settings and conflicts (less PACHINKO; more THE BUDDHA IN THE ATTIC).
As much as I’m looking for commercial titles, literary fiction has my heart. Send me your projects where language performs multiple functions — where the way you tell the story creates meaning. Here, I’m looking for strong premises married with a strong point of view that still maintains momentum. I like stories where good characters behave badly, and writing that tests a reader’s comfort level while still being accessible. Recent favorites include VLADIMIR and THE GUEST.

When it comes to nonfiction, I am most interested in narrative projects that deal with the environment (Sheldrake’s ENTANGLED LIFE), history with an angle (MADAME RESTELL), or sex (THE RIGHT TO SEX). Science proposals with a narrative lens are also welcome. This last bit is hilariously hyper-specific, but, I’ve been on the hunt for a writer who can do a project celebrating the Congo River Basin’s rich biodiversity.”

Andrew would also like to see more flawed protagonists!


Submissions should be emailed to (preferred), or here is his Query Manager Submission Page.

Please review the agency’s submission guidelines before you submit.

TIP: Wait until after January 15th to query due to the holiday season. Many agents may not be back in office yet.


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