Schedule permitting, I am honored to be considered for any freelance editing duties. I am a freelance editor who can perform query letter critiques, synopsis critiques, nonfiction book proposal critiques, and manuscript critiques (novels, memoirs, etc.). E-mail me at


Query Critiques & Editing (Fiction and Nonfiction)

A query is your all-important first contact with an agent. It’s a one-page letter that explains who you are and what your book is about. Your query must be exceptional to get agents to request sample chapters for review. If your query letter is not up to snuff, agents will send a rejection rather than a request for more material. I offer an intensive freelance query critique that makes sure your query letter has the 6 mandatory parts of any story pitch. Look below on this page to see those who have gotten agents and gotten published because of my edits. I have critiqued more than 2,000 query letters for novels, memoirs, and nonfiction books.

Synopsis Critiques & Editing (Fiction/Memoir)

A synopsis is a front-to-back summary of your work. Synopses are exclusive to fiction and memoir. They have a specific length and format. Before an agent invests several hours reading your complete manuscript, they want to ensure that the story is solid. That’s why many ask for and review your synopsis before delving into the story. I have critiqued more than 1,000 synopses for novels and memoirs.

Book Proposals Critiques & Editing (Nonfiction)

A nonfiction book proposal is a “business plan” of sorts that explains the concept, marketing, and content outline of your nonfiction book. It is a document that will vary drastically in length (usually 10-25 pages), depending on the length of your sample chapters. Proposals are comprised of many important parts, such as your Overview, Sample Chapters, Writer Platform, and more. To sell a nonfiction book, you don’t need to finish the book. You only need a few sample chapters accompanied by a full proposal. Concerning freelance book proposal edits, I work on an hourly rate. If you have a budget, I can adjust my hours accordingly to meet your budget. I have personally sold 7 of my own books through nonfiction proposals to publishers.

Full Manuscript Critiques & Editing (Fiction/Memoir)

While I enjoy critiquing full manuscripts, I choose my projects carefully because of time limitations. I edit all genres of fiction, with the exception of picture books. Though I edit all categories, the genres I work with the most are memoir, literary/mainstream fiction, middle grade, and young adult. Before we engage in a deal where I critique your entire manuscript, we can engage in a “Test Edit,” where I edit a small sample of your work at an arranged price. This trial edit is the best way for us to get to know one another. At that point, you can review my edits and see if you want to proceed with the entire book. It also gives me an opportunity to stop editing if I feel no connection with the project.


To discuss editing rates, e-mail me.
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Praise For Chuck’s Editing: (Success Stories From Those Who Have Signed With Literary Agents)


Chuck’s clients have signed with many successful literary agencies, including these listed here.

Emmie Mears: “At a writers’ conference, Chuck sat down with me and helped me edit my query & pitch one-on-one. Between the books, the blog, and his no-nonsense approach to pitching a book well, Chuck helped me avoid a heap of newbie errors that probably chopped my time in the query trenches in half. I am now represented by literary agent Sara Megibow of KT Literary. I can’t recommend Chuck’s services strongly enough. If you’re an author seeking an agent, you’ve just found your Yoda.” [Emmie has published at least four books in her Ayala Storm series as of summer 2017.]

Elba Iris Pérez: “Chuck, my novel that you edited, Woronoco, won the $50,000 grand prize in Simon & Schuster’s ‘Books Like Us’ contest. The prize includes publication in 2023. I recently signed with literary agent Laurie Liss from Sterling Lord Literistic. I’m so grateful to have worked with you! Thank you for all your advice!”

Katharine Adams: “I’m now agented and my debut fantasy drops from Orbit in November 2023. I was just thinking the other day about how helpful your edits were! Thanks heaps for the edit you did. I learned a lot!” [Katharine is represented by Ernie Chiara at Fuse Literary​.]

Cole Berg: “I want to say thank you so much for your help in critiquing my query! I have signed with an Agent at Wordwise Media, and couldn’t be more excited! Couldn’t have done it without you, my man!”

Rin-rin Yu: “Hi Chuck! I meant to let you know I got an agent! I used some of your edits in my query to her. So it was really helpful. Thank you!” [Rin-rin is represented by Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary.]

Dana Maria Dezotell: “After you edited my query letter, I got my dream agent. Thank you!” [Dana’s agent is Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency.]

Mary Dispenza: “I want to thank you. I would not have had found my agent, Sharlene Martin [of Martin Literary Management], without your manuscript and query edits. From my perspective, you are among the best editors out there, and I am grateful that you helped me. I hope to work with you again.”

Erin La Rosa: “Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for all of your help in shaping my nonfiction book proposal. I ended up signing with Kristyn Keene of ICM Partners off of it, and I’m so happy about that!” [Erin’s book, The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair, came out from St. Martin’s in 2017.]

Cheryl Eager: “Dear Chuck, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I obtained an agent and publishing contract for both my first and second novels. You developmentally edited a very rough draft of my second novel about a year ago to be published in 2023. I did a lot of revising based on your excellent guidance and suggestions and just thought you would want to know of the book’s success. Best wishes in your own career, and thank you again!”

Patrice Johnson: “I am deeply grateful for your insightful edits on my book, The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson. PBS nationally syndicated a documentary film based on the book. The film will be airing nationwide on PBS World Channel. Again, thank you for your support and encouragement.”

Alexis Grant: “Chuck helped me improve and tighten my query for my travel memoir, suggesting I re-order and expand upon certain elements of the pitch to catch a literary agent’s eye. His advice was invaluable; now I’m working with Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary, an awesome agent who’s just as passionate about selling my book as I am!”

Jan Saenz: “After you edited my query letter, I signed with agent Sarah LaPolla of the Bradford Literary Agency.”

Sarah Callender: “After spending weeks on my query, I sought Chuck’s wisdom and advice. His understanding of the components of a successful query made all the difference, and the revisions he suggested, I know, allowed my query to garner the attention of great agents. I was thrilled to receive many responses from agents and ultimately, two offers of representation. Chuck understands the publishing world and the art of the query.” [Sarah’s agent is Caryn Karmatz Rudy of DeFiore and Company.]

Heather Chavez: “I have an agent! (Pause for happy dance.) My agent is Peter Steinberg with Foundry Literary + Media. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is to reiterate that it would not have happened without you, and I am so grateful for your thoughtful and brilliant advice on both my query and manuscript. I can not stress how helpful you were in this process. You’re awesome!”

Frank Billingsley: “Thank you, Chuck, for the straightforward advice, the thoughtful encouragement, and the terrific manuscript edits. My memoir, Swabbed and Found, became one that a publisher could get behind. And it’s one people are buying and reading!” Updated later: “My book was named a nonfiction finalist for the 2017 American Book Fest Awards!”

Avanti Centrae: “Chuck helped me polish my synopsis until it shone. Highly recommend him!” [Avanti is an award-winning traditionally published thriller author with praise from bestselling peers such as James Rollins.]

Jeff Cravens: “You did a query letter critique for my YA manuscript. I got an agent — Jennifer Unter of the The Unter Agency.”

Stefanie Ellis: “I pitched three publishers, and got two offers. EVERYONE has told me what an amazing proposal it is, and no one had any changes. Seriously. I even got an agent who wanted to sign on, and she loved it. All this feedback points to you and your excellent editing. I did everything you said.”

Wayne Santos: “Just wanted to let you know that thanks to all the valuable help you gave me with my query, you gave my novel a fighting chance, and I’m now represented by Jennie Goloboy at the Donald Maass Literary agency. The query was very important in this case, since this was an agency that didn’t ask for page samples to be included, so a lot rested on how appealing just the query itself was. Your help made a big difference.” UPDATE LATER: “My book has found a home with the Solaris Books imprint of Rebellion Publishing. I’m grateful for your help in getting this book to be seen and considered by all the right people.”

Stacie Haas: “My novel about a Chinese Yankee who served in the Civil War will be published by a traditional press [5050 Press] this fall! You did an edit on it for me years ago. Your comments made a big difference in my subsequent revisions. Thank you!”

Kimberly Reveley: “I am very excited to report that today I signed the contract to become the newest client of the Jane Rotrosen Agency. This is such a major milestone accomplished and I feel I am in very good hands. I also want to acknowledge that I believe I would have had very little likelihood of making it this far without all the editorial help you provided on my manuscript. So once again, thank you!”

Cheryl Eager: “I thought you might like to know my latest release earned a stellar Kirkus review in their March 1, 2024 issue. I hired you for a developmental edit of the rough draft, so again, thank you for your help and expertise!”

Beth Ford Roth: “After you edited my manuscript, five agents requested more work, and one of them — my dream agent — extended an offer of representation. She is SO passionate about my project. You are the best!”

Corey Quinlan Taylor: “I was signed on by the Irene Goodman Literary Agency back in November; my agent is Rachel Ekstrom. I’d like to thank you for your help in refining the quality of my novel. Rachel said that she found the manuscript intriguing, and enjoyed how I played with different themes in the tale. Overall, I’m grateful for your guidance. I mentioned you as my editor and she seemed pleased, stating that she knew you. Thanks again.”

Catherine Bosley: “After you edited my memoir, I signed with agent Elizabeth Kracht [of Kimberley Cameron & Associates]. Thanks so much!”

Laurie Smollett Kutscera: “Great news! The manuscript you helped me with is being published by Blue Whale Press this fall!”

Baron Hall: “I am dancing in the clouds right now, because I have signed with an agent! I don’t think I could have done it without your edits, and I honestly don’t think I would have continued writing if not for you. Your conferences, books, and personal feedback helped me more than you know. Thank you very much.”

Yvonne Fein: “My collection of short stories (Choose Somebody Else) was published by Wild Dingo Press in 2018, a great publishing house with excellent overseas connections. You worked on [edited] so many of those stories. I know that it all made a significant difference. Many thanks.”

Jacqueline Lipton: “Thanks again for your wonderful edits. After I reworked my nonfiction book proposal along the lines you suggested, Jane Dystel [of Dystel & Goderich] offered representation and I signed with her. I’m very excited! Thanks so much for everything!” [UPDATE: Jacqueline and her agent sold her book, LAW & AUTHORS: A LEGAL HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS, to University of California Press.]

Erin Huss: “Thanks for the help with the query. It worked well — I received two offers of representation!”

Jennifer Mattox: “Chuck–it’s official! I’m now represented by Anne Hawkins of John Hawkins & Associates. I know my submission package and my query letter greatly benefited from your work. I appreciate your willingness to share info in a way that’s honest and real.”

Dr. Alex Winter: “Thank you very much for your feedback–it has been invaluable. I’ve received an offer of representation. Prior to your input, I had received not one iota of interest. Thank you for all you do–you are a godsend.”

Claire Petretti Marti: “Thanks to your [query] help. I finally got a book deal! My first novel will be published by The Wild Rose Press in ebook and print. They also want the next two books in the series.” [Claire’s book is Second Chance in Laguna.]

Paul Cicchini: “Thanks to your coaching on query letter writing, I have had some success with getting published. One of my projects for 2019 will be picked up by Waldorf Press. Thanks for all your help.”

Judy Lee Burke: “Chuck’s edits of my novel inspired me with insights and creative suggestions. Shortly after working with him, I sold my novel, Blackrock, to Barringer Publishing!”

Jan Rydzon: “After you edited my query letter, I got an agent!” [Jan’s agent is Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency.]

Patty Blount: “Thank you both for the query first aid. I’d still be writing draft after draft had it not been for your help. Recently, I got The Call.’ The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency offered representation.” [Added later:] “I should add that I GOT A BOOK DEAL! Sourcebooks released my novel, Send, in 2012.”

M. Lachi: “I’ve gotten an agent offer! Woohoo! Your editorial notes were exactly what I needed! Thanks for all your help, as I’m certain it helped me get a lot of the attention I got!”

Ricki Schultz: “Chuck’s manuscript feedback helped me shape my first few novel manuscripts into something agent-worthy. I signed with Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency!”

Amy Mitchell: “Thank you, Chuck, for editing my nonfiction book proposal and sample chapters. You were worth your weight in gold, and your edits helped me get offers from several agents!” [Amy signed with agent Jennifer De Chiara of Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.]

Joanne Brothwell: “I have no doubt that due to Chuck’s fabulous edit on my query I was finally able to land my first book deal! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Chuck. His edit of my query letter was absolutely invaluable—because now I’m signing my first book contract!” [Joanne’s first novel, Stealing Breath, was released in by Crescent Moon Press.]

Chuck’s clients have signed with many successful literary agencies, including these listed here.

Leanne Shirtliffe: “After Chuck helped me with my query, I landed my dream agent: Jill Marr of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.” [Leanne’s book, Don’t Lick the Minivan: Things I Never Thought I’d Say As a Parent, came out from Skyhorse.]

Adam Brownlee: “Chuck assisted me in crafting a killer query letter which ultimately led to the publication of my book, Building a Small Business That Warren Buffett Would Love (Wiley).  It is penultimate to have great guides and mentors along the path of writing and publication, Chuck is one of those guys.”

Brian A. Klems: “Chuck guided me through writing my query letter as well as my nonfiction book proposal. Just a few weeks later, I received an offer of representation from my awesome agent [Tina Wexler of ICM Partners]. My humor book, Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl: A Dad’s Survival Guide to Raising Daughters, came out from Adams Media. The book has been picked up even at Sam’s Club, and has been featured by The Toronto Star, the Chicago Tribune, and numerous local media outlets. I would recommend Chuck’s services to anyone.”

Shirley Redwine: “I feel like I won the lottery. After you edited my novel, agent Liz Kracht [of Kimberley Cameron & Associates] offered to represent me. I can’t thank you enough for your editorial suggestions.”

Michael Sonbert: “I got an agent! Thanks so much for your edits on my query!” [Michael’s agent is Leon Husock of L. Perkins Agency.]

Rachel Marie Hartman: “I had sent over a book proposal that you had critiqued in a great, helpful way. I wanted to let you know that at the end of last year, I sold the book. I signed a contract with One Body Press and the book is scheduled to be released later this year (right around the holidays). Thanks again for your help in this — I appreciate it!”

Steve Crane: “Chuck, I am happy to tell you that the lead story from my collection has been accepted for publication by The Berkeley Fiction Review. It’ll be in the March ’19 issue. MY FIRST PUBLISHED WRITING! Thanks for all your editing help in the past.”

Amanda Gardner: “I attended the Writer’s Digest Conferences in 2011 and 2012, where Chuck personally helped me hone my pitch to catch the attention of the agents at the event’s Pitch Slam. Chuck’s critique helped me shape my query, which I later used in a contest on a writer blog. Agent Jessica Sinsheimer of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency found that pitch there, and a few months later, asked me to sign with her.”

Luca Pesaro: “I just wanted to let you know my novel will be coming out in a couple of months with the title Zero Alternative with Three Hares Publishing! Thanks for the manuscript editing help!”

Annette Ogrodnik Corona: “I sat down with Chuck Sambuchino at writers’ conference and had a helpful one-on-one consultation with him concerning my nonfiction book proposal. I took his advice and ran with it. Lo and behold, I was picked up and signed by Hippocrene Books! I am happy to announce that my book, The New Ukrainian Cookbook—A Blend of Tradition and Innovation, hit the bookshelves in 2012 and is also available online. My heartfelt thanks to you, Chuck!”

Mary Ann Weakley: “Dear Chuck, many thanks to you for your evaluation of my query letter. Your suggestions were so helpful. I am now a success story. Debbie Carter of Muse Literary Management signed me.”

Terri Weiss: “I just landed an excellent agent, Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich, thanks to your edits. Those WD webinars you run were also great. Huge thanks for your help!”

Tessa Shaffer: “I spent lots of time workshopping my pitches, but once Chuck edited my query and synopsis I didn’t need to guess what was working and what wasn’t. It wasn’t long after pitching my revised query and synopsis that I got my agent and popped a bottle of champagne! I now have two books on submission and I tell every writer I know to go to Chuck.”

Corey Farrenkopf: “I got a literary agent using the query letter you helped me with! Thanks for all of the solid advice and edits.” [Corey’s agent is Marie Lamba of Jennifer De Chiara Literary.]

Matthew Franks: “Last summer, you critiqued the query for my novel The Monster Underneath. I’m excited to tell you that I signed a book contract and the novel will be released through Samhain Publishing in both e-book and print formats. Thank you so much for your feedback, insight, and kind words.”

Erin Granat: “Remember my screenplay you gave me excellent notes on? I JUST SOLD IT! Signing my option contract today, and I wanted to share the exciting news and thank you again for your part in the journey. Here’s to more success and happiness for us both in the future!”

Jerri Williams: “Based on the query pitch you helped me create, I’ve officially signed with literary agent Steve Kasdin of Curtis Brown. Ltd., to represent my novel. Thanks for all your help. Your edits were fantastic.”

Bindu Pisupati (writing as Annika Sharma): “I signed with my literary agent, Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary Group, this week. I just wanted to thank you for all the editing work you did on the query and synopsis, and for the incredible resources you provide people like me, who want to be authors but have no idea where to start (or, for that matter, how intensive the process can be!). I could not have gotten this far without your guidance, editing services, and Writer’s Digest posts. Thank you.” [Her novel, The Rearranged Life, came out in 2015.]

Jeffrey Cole: “I was delighted with Chuck’s editing. His insights and recommendations were invaluable, and his overall contribution was crucial in reworking an ineffectual query into an attention-grabber, and honing my [nonfiction] proposal into a sharper, more enticing proposition. My offer for representation [Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency] came less than four weeks after integrating many of Chuck’s recommendations into my proposal. Chuck gets two enthusiastic thumbs up!” [Update: Jeffrey’s book, Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator, is available online.]

Ken Furie: “Chuck edited my book of humorous stories, and here’s my advice to you: Wait in line for him. Buy all his books. Give him chocolate gelato. Bribe him with pictures of your cat riding a dolphin, because he is WORTH it! I went through years of bleary-eyed critiques in writing groups and other venues, endlessly revising until I was ready to ditch it all for the kidney-theft racket. Then I went to Chuck. He lasered in on my problems. He showed me where I strayed, offered insight for purging weaknesses, and highlighted my strengths. His frank commentary gave me toeholds to ascend to the next level that had eluded me. Plus, he was timely, and responsible, and was probably well-groomed.”

Cari DeSantis: “The one-on-one consultation with Chuck greatly improved my manuscript and query letter, so much so that, within a few weeks of sending out my query, I got an offer of representation from a literary agent.”

Summer Heacock: “I took your Pitch Workshop [at a writers’ conference] and reworked my entire pitch because of it. I walked away with all four agents requesting pages, so I would say you had quite the hand! I signed with agent Sarah LaPolla of Bradford Literary.” (Update: Summer has multiple books published through MIRA Press as of 2022.)

Roxana Trabulsi: “I signed a contract with a publisher! Ten16 Press will publish my book, Of Mud and Honey, in 2023. Thank you for all your support over the last four years. I remember sitting with you in that conference room in Pittsburgh back in 2019 unsure of where my journey would take me. That foundation has gotten me here today. Thank you!”

Aaron Dennis: “I’ve been getting some great reviews through Kirkus thanks to working with you. I have been recommending you to writers I know. I learned a great deal from you and have made every attempt to expound on that knowledge. I just wanted you to know that I took to heart everything you told me while you worked on my novel.”

Lara Ehrlich: “Chuck Sambuchino’s invaluable guidance led me to my dream agent. Chuck edited the query letter I sent to Michelle Andelman of Regal Literary, who responded to my pitch with enthusiasm and ultimately offered representation! Thank you, Chuck!”

LaVeda Moore / Hon. Ramona Roberts: “I attended your Writer’s Digest Agent Pitch Slam [in Los Angeles in 2013]. After many years of trying, I am pleased to announce that thanks to your teaching, I succeeded in gaining representation for our nonfiction work, Girl, Go Get Your Support. We are blessed to have found an ideal agent: Mr. Paul S. Levine of the Paul S. Levine Literary Agency. Again, please accept our sincere thanks, for providing a realistic opportunity to find success.”

Kathleen Shaputis: “Please pat yourself on the back as your talent has just landed me and my latest novel an acceptance with Crimson Romance. After you edited my writing, things moved swiftly after that. Thank you, thank you!”

Stefan Babich: “You edited a query letter for my novel. I did find an agent, so I have to think you very warmly for your sage critiques and also for being such a wonderful resource (via blogs, conferences, etc.) for struggling writers like myself.” [Stefan’s agent is Jennifer Azantian of Azantian Literary.]

Lisa Zoodsma: “Thanks to your editing help with my query letter, I found an agent! Thank you!”

Michele Swide: “Remember me? I was a query client of yours once. I got an agent in New York. She loved my book!”

Marc Hess: “You were a great inspiration to me when I first started hunting for literary agents, and you helped me with my first query letters. And now, my novel is coming out this April. Thank you for setting me down that long and precarious road.”

Jack Bunker: “Just wanted to let you know, I signed with an agent yesterday. Thanks again for all your editing help.” [Added later:] “I got an offer. My book, TRUE GRIFT, was released by Brash Books.” [Jack’s agent is Murray Weiss at Catalyst Literary Management LLC]

Caitlin O’Sullivan: “Your editing advice on my query letter was STELLAR — about 75% of the agents who read the letter asked to see the full manuscript!”




Praise For Chuck’s Blog & Writing Instruction: (More Writers Who Have Signed With Agents)

In praise of Chuck’s blog on publishing & agents,
the Guide to Literary Agents Blog (Writer’s Digest),
which he ran from 2007-2017

“I checked the GLA Blog every day when I was going through my agent search! It actually saved me from making several really embarrassing and potentially harmful mistakes, and taught me a lot about the whole process. Anyway, I’m grateful for your site and I’m a big fan.” [Veronica’s agent is Joanna Volpe of New Leaf Literary.]
– Veronica Roth, author of the New York Times bestseller (and now major motion picture) DIVERGENT

“I visited the [GLA] blog many times when I was on the agent hunt.” [Erin’s agent is Richard Pine of Inkwell Management.]
– Erin Morgenstern, author of New York Times bestseller THE NIGHT CIRCUS

“I used to read your ‘successful query’ series before I began querying, and have found the advice you’ve given on Writer Unboxed to be quite helpful.” [Sabaa’s agent is Alexandra Machinist of ICM Partners.]
Sabaa Tahir, author of the New York Times bestseller AN EMBER IN THE ASHES

“My memoir was published by Sourcebooks. I found my agent, Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency, through your Guide to Literary Agents Blog two years ago. Thank you so much for featuring her. It was truly a life-changing post! Not only is Carrie a fabulous agent, but she also quickly became a great friend.”

“I’ve been a long-time follower of this blog for years. Your Writer’s Digest posts helped me so much over the years.” [Karen’s agent is Julia Kenny of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner.]
– Karen Harrington, author of SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY

“I was not so long ago an aspiring author without a literary agent. I read and looked at your blog over the years as a source for info on agents. It served as a source of inspiration and knowledge for sure.” [Amy’s agent is Elisabeth Weed of The Book Group.]
– Amy Gail Hansen, author of THE BUTTERFLY SISTER

“I was an avid reader of your Guide to Literary Agents Blog for many years. In fact, it helped me to write the query which got me an agent. It even helped me when I was drafting the manuscript, which became my debut.”

“I just wanted to let you know that because of your wonderful blog, I am now represented by Evan Gregory of Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.”
– J.M. Frey, author of the science fiction novel TRIPTYCH

“I found [agent] Jessica Sinsheimer [of Sarah Jane Freymann Literary] through your GLA Blog interview last August. She signed me in September and we sold Falling Under, in December. Quite the whirlwind!”
– Gwen Hayes, author of the paranormal young adult novel FALLING UNDER

“I know your GLA Blog very well—I think I read pretty much every article when I was looking to submit my first manuscript (and it obviously helped!).” [Vaughan’s agent is Tina Wexler of ICM Partners.]
M.M. Vaughan, author of THE ABILITY

“I queried my agent Joanna Volpe [of New Leaf Literary + Media] after reading her interview on the GLA Blog.”

“I’ve been a near daily visitor to your site since 2005 when I started writing Children of Paranoia. Much of what I learned about querying/agents/editors and the business in general, I learned from your website. You really do provide a great service for all of us frustrated and frightened aspiring writers.”
– Trevor Shane, author of the thriller CHILDREN OF PARANOIA

“I followed The Guide to Literary Agents Blog religiously as I prepared to submit work to agents. The blog contains invaluable information about specific agencies, the process of querying agents and what to expect when working with an agent. I’m now happily represented by my first choice agent, Mary Kole [formerly of Movable Type Management].”
– Bethanie Murguia, author of the picture books BUGLETTE and ZOE GETS READY

“I found Michelle Humphrey [of Martha Kaplan Literary] on the Guide to Literary Agents Blog and fell in love with her upbeat attitude about the publishing process (‘Make rejection pie!’ she said). She responded to my query the next day. Less than two weeks after reading Michelle’s GLA post, I had an agent.”
– Caroline Starr Rose, author of the middle grade MAY B.

“I’m a big fan of your literary agents blog. It was an invaluable resource when I started querying!” [Mike’s agent is Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary.]
– Mike Martinez, author of the debut science fiction THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT

“I found my agent [of Ellen Pepus of Signature Literary] through a GLA article. My first book, HUNTED BY THE OTHERS, came out in May 2010.”
– Jess Haines, author of the urban fantasy series HUNTED BY THE OTHERS (currently four books, Zebra)

“If you’re stuck in the circle of hell commonly known as the slush pile, this site [the Guide to Literary Agents Blog] is your Virgil: a guide to help you out.”
– Dennis Mahoney, author of the literary novel FELLOW MORTALS

“I’ve always had your blog to thank for helping me find my wonderful agent, Danielle Chiotti [of Upstart Crow Literary]—so it’s always had a special place in my heart.”
– Sarah Tregay, author of the novel in verse LOVE AND LEFTOVERS

“I trolled the GLA Blog often when I was in search on an agent, and found the blog so helpful.”
– Kristen Callihan, author of the paranormal novel FIRELIGHT

“I am very well acquainted with the Guide to Literary Agents Blog. I read and reread so many of the interviews and articles during my agent search. It is an amazing resource and I often recommend it to other writers. It’s really nice to get a chance to tell you how much I’ve appreciated all the work you put in there.”
– Carol Rifka Brunt, author of the literary novel TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME

“The Guide to Literary Agents Blog is a great resource for writers. The posts were encouraging and informative as I searched for my agent [Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency], and the blog helped me build my knowledge of the publishing world.”
– Amanda Sun, author of the young adult debut (and start of a trilogy) INK

“When I was lost and agentless, the Guide to Literary Agents Blog was like a lifeline pulling me into a place where I could say: It can be done, it can be done. And sometimes, a little bit of hope can go a very long way.”
– Mary Glickman, author of the literary novel HOME IN THE MORNING


To discuss editing rates, e-mail me.
My primary e-mails are and


“My rock star agent is Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, thanks to GLA. I can’t tell you how much I learned reading your blog posts.”
– Delilah Dawson, author of the steampunk romance WICKED AS THEY COME

“I found my agent, John Rudolph at Dystel & Goderich, by reading the Guide to Literary Agents Blog.”
– Joe Oestreich, author of the memoir HITLESS WONDER: A LIFE IN MINOR LEAGUE ROCK & ROLL

“I followed the Guide to Literary Agents Blog daily when I was in the querying process.”
– Aminta Arrington, author of the memoir HOME IS A ROOF OVER A PIG: AN AMERICAN FAMILY’S JOURNEY IN CHINA

“I used the Guide to Literary Agents Blog along my writing journey. I love the tips from successful writers and find the agent-quest tales to be fascinating and heartening.”
– Martha Brockenbrough, author of DEVINE INTERVENTION

“I read your blog regularly and in fact got my agent, Sara D’Emic after you identified her as a new agent for Talcott Notch Literary.”
– Ronald Farrington Sharp, author of NO REGRET, NO REMORSE: A SYDNEY SIMONE MYSTERY

“As a published author of nonfiction for kids, I felt ready to take the next step in my career and find an agent to represent me on a YA project. After hearing Chuck speak at a local meeting, I checked out his GLA Blog and read up on Jeff Ourvan, a new agent with Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency. My query was ready to go, and after some helpful and informative discussions, Jeff signed me late last year.”
– Kerrie Hollihan, author of THEODORE ROOSEVELT FOR KIDS and several other children’s nonfiction titles

“If you’re looking for an agent, you must follow Chuck Sambuchino’s blog. I did, which is how I found the agent who landed me a two-book deal.”
– Barbara Claypole White, author of THE UNFINISHED GARDEN

“During my querying process, I checked in with Chuck’s GLA Blog more or less every day. The tips and agency info he offered, and the insights from both agents and other writers, were invaluable. By helping me ensure my queries were professional and appropriate-to-agency, this blog certainly contributed to the number of requests I received for partials and fulls. And Chuck’s ongoing attention to areas like author marketing and promotion mean I’m still stopping by on a regular basis.” [Christian’s agent is Adam Schear of DeFiore & Company.]
– Christian Schoon, author ZENN SCARLETT

“I read the GLA Blog regularly when I was trying to score an agent.” [Dana’s agent is Scott Miller of Trident Media Group.]

“I’m a regular reader of your blog.” [Carrie’s agent is Tricia Toney Lawrence of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.]

“Your blog most definitely helped me on my publishing journey, thank you!”
– Michele Jakubowski, author of SIDNEY & SYDNEY: THIRD GRADE MIX-UP

“I spent months and months and months poring over your Guide to Literary Agents Blog before I started querying! It was an incredible help to me. Thank you!” [Peggy’s agent is Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger.]
– Peggy Eddleman, author of SKY JUMPERS

“First of all, you should know I have both your Writer’s Digest books sitting prominently on my bookshelf. Your books and your blog played an important role in how I ended up with my agent and eventually got my first book published.” [Matthew is represented by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.]
– Matthew Ward, author of THE FANTASTIC FAMILY WHIPPLE

“I think your blog is one of the best. In fact, that is where I first heard about my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer [of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency].”
– Dawn Klehr, author of THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR

“I’m familiar with your site, because it was a great resource for me when querying.” [Sara’s agent is Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary + Media.]
– Sara Polsky, author of THIS IS HOW I FIND HER

“I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for years (and you’re one of 200 people I follow on Twitter).” [Sonja’s agent is Logan Garrison of the Gernert Company.]
– Sonja Stone, author of DESERT DARK

“Chuck’s blog was a go-to resource when writing my novel.” [Leslie’s agent is John Rudolph of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret]
Leslie C. Youngblood, author of LOVE LIKE SKY (Disney Hyperion)

“I think we met in passing a few years ago at [a writers conference], and actually, I found my agent on your blog. Soon after you posted a new agent alert for Christopher Rhodes [of the James Fitzgerald Agency], I queried him and one thing led to another. So, a belated thank you for that as well. Truly, I think your advice to look for new agents who are actively building their client list is right on, especially for those writers who fly a little under the radar like myself.”
– W.B. Belcher, author of LAY DOWN YOUR WEARY TUNE

“I’ve been following your column for years!” [Jennifer’s agent is Christopher Rhodes of the James Fitzgerald Agency.]
– Jennifer Pashley, author of THE SCAMP

“I relied on your site and your books while I was in the drafting and querying stage. I recommend you to my creative writing students all the time!” [Katherine’s agent is Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary.]
– E. Katherine Kottaras, author of HOW TO BE BRAVE

“I’ve been reading your blog for years.” [Aline’s agent is Eleanor Jackson of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner.]
– Aline Ohanesian, author of ORHAN’S INHERITANCE

“I subscribe to your blog! I’ve read it for years.”

“I have read the GLA Blog and always enjoyed the wide variety of interesting, useful, and entertaining topics it covers.”
– Trina St. Jean, author of BLANK

“I’ve always loved your GLA columns and I turned to them often when I was in the query trenches.” [Jenny’s agent is Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger.]
Jenny Martin, author TRACKED

“Thanks so much for reaching out. Your timing is a wonderful coincidence—just yesterday I recommended the GLA Blog to a couple of friends who are starting the process of agent hunting. It’s the best resource out there for authors wanting to keep a pulse on the who, where, and how of agenting. I’m thrilled to be able to say thanks directly!” [Camille’s agent is Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.]
Camille Griep, author of LETTERS TO ZELL

“Your blog was a resource for me when I was first starting out trying to find an agent. (I’ve been with Kelly Sonnack since 2011.) In fact, I still point people to your book and the Guide to Literary Agents Blog whenever I’m asked ‘How do you find an agent?’ “
– Alastair Heim, picture book author, author of THE GREAT PUPPY INVASION


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