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New Literary Agent Spotlight: Lindsey Smith of Speilburg Literary

By May 24, 2022 February 3rd, 2023 No Comments

About this New Literary Agent Spotlight series: We love spotlighting and profiling new literary agents —such as Lindsey Smith of Speilburg Literary — because they are actively seeking new writers and constructing a client list.

Literary agent Bio: Lindsey Smith of Speilburg Literary got her start in the publishing industry as an author. After her own publishing success, she started working with other writers to help launch their books and shape their careers. To date, Lindsey has worked with over 1,000 authors and negotiated book deals even before becoming an agent. Her unique perspective helps shape her passion for the industry and her role as an advocate for her clients. Formerly a publicist and hailing from the world of self-publishing, Lindsey understands the importance of branding, and she works with each client not only to sell a book but to build a career. Lindsey lives in Pittsburgh with her punk rock husband and their adorable rescue pup, Ms. Winnie Cooper.

She is seeking: Lindsey is excited to work with first-time authors as well as those who are established. She is seeking nonfiction only, specifically prescriptive nonfiction that is compelling, and voice-driven, with the ability to shed light on a topic that might be unknown. She especially loves projects and people that bring humor to serious situations. Lindsey is interested in cookbooks, lifestyle, health, pop culture, gender issues, self-help, true crime, and current events. She is especially interested in podcast-to-book ideas, journalists who specialize in specific research, and cookbooks that have a niche and/or narrative voice. Please do not send diet books.

How to submit: Use her online submission form here. “If you’ve submitted to Lindsey, please wait for a response before sending to any other agents at Speilburg Literary Agency.”


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