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Sian-Ashleigh Edwards has been at WME since 2018. She hails from the suburbs of New York and goes by her full first name. Representing Nonfiction and Fiction across the YA and adult spaces, her authors are tastemakers, experts, world-builders, and everyday people with something to say.


In Nonfiction she’s looking for books that provide new perspectives for the people and places around us, help us master a new skill, or bring us one step closer to a better version of ourselves.
In Fiction, she’s looking for anything in the upmarket, commercial, and sci-fi/fantasy spaces that makes her laugh, cry, and/or marvel at the capacity of the written word to move you. 

“She knows she’s found “the one” when it makes everything else melt away— in short, it’s a book that demands its place on her bookshelf.”


As always, please review the agency’s submission guidelines before you submit. Sian-Ashleigh’s preferred email can be found on her profile of the website.

For fiction, please send Sian-Ashleigh your query letter, bio, and the first chapter of your manuscript pasted in the body of an email. For nonfiction, please send your query letter, bio, and proposal (if you have one) attached to email as a PDF.


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