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Camille Kantor (she/her) is a mother, scientist, and devoted New Yorker magazine reader. While completing a master’s degree in evolutionary biology, a journey that bridged the birth of her two sons, she became interested in how people communicate about nature and biology. Her pivot into publishing involved attending and graduating the renowned Columbia Publishing Program at Oxford. She now also works as a buyer at her local Indie bookstore: Copperfield’s Books. As an agent at Kimberley Cameron & Associates she is excited to work with authors who have a talent to catch a reader’s attention while describing complex topics and who share in the desire to broaden the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


“Camille is looking for titles, whether fiction or non-fiction, that will inspire the public to engage with nature while imparting fascinating knowledge about our planet and its inhabitants.”

She is particularly interested in popular science non-fiction work, such as Darkness Manifesto by Johan Eklöf or An Immense World by Ed Yong, where the author has a commanding voice that feels less like lecturing and more like storytelling.

Camille’s fiction tastes include books that immerse the reader in descriptive but clear imagery and that have themes of nature-human interactions. She especially loves interesting, well-developed characters and high concept literary fiction that approaches philosophical topics about our relationship with our planet, think Overstory by Richard Powers or Dinosaurs by Lydia Millet.

She is not currently looking for young adult literature or picture books.


As always, please review the agency’s submission guidelines before you submit.

Camille Kantor is only open for queries during the first week of every month — she will open again soon on July 1st

You can submit to her via her Query Manager page.


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