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Bethany Weaver is a Literary Agent and the Founder of Weaver Literary Agency.

Bethany Weaver began her career as an intern for the phenomenal Creative Media Inc. where she then moved between different avenues of publishing. Most recently, she worked for Storm Literary Agency as their sole Foreign Rights agent. Before publishing, she earned her BA in English with a concentration on writing, editing, and media and pursued a career with her local newspaper, eventually making the switch to the USA Today where she still resides. 

“Founded in 2021 and based in the Midwest, Weaver Literary Agency is working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in adult and children’s literature.”


Bethany represents adult, YA and selective middle-grade. Her taste gravitates toward speculative fiction with subtle romance and lush prose. Horror, mystery, and romance elements are her soft spot.

Some of her favorites include: contemporary paranormal; contemporary romance; cozy and light fantasy; dark academia; gothic literature; romantic comedies; folklore reimaginings; quirky and spooky middle-grade; cozy horror; ‘b-list’ horror; sapphic; cozy mystery; romantasy; whodunit; grounded sci-fi

Some of her very specific wants include golem reimagining; anything that gives Tim Burton vibes; a contemporary ‘Great Expectations’ reimagining; boarding schools are always welcome and wanted; found family but also stellar mother-daughter relationships; Angels, Werewolves, Vampires – all types of supernaturals with contemporary settings; LBGTQIA+; whimsy and off-the-wall elements; celebrity romance but fiction and not real life celebrities please; your cunty, angry, man-hating bitches; unreliable narrators; villains; Scooby gang; messy characters and relationships; love-triangles

This list is in no way exhaustive. If you have something you think she might enjoy, send it her way. At this time, Bethany is not interested in screenplays, poems, novellas, previously published works, high sci-fi, pandemic stories, religious or spiritual text, and nonfiction.


Bethany accepts query submissions via Query Manager — For traditional representation, please direct all queries to Bethany’s Query Submission Page.

Bethany asks that you refer to the wishlist before querying. She does not respond to queries sent via email or mail.
For rights management, please direct all queries to:



                ATTEND A WRITERS




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