The 2020 Writing Retreat in Maui

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Hi, everyone.
Chuck Sambuchino here. I am excited to announce that in [UPDATED TIME FRAME] fall/late 2020, I will be launching a small writing retreat on the island of Maui! I don’t have a date or every detail yet, but this post will serve as a landing page for the retreat until a create a more formal website. I will update this post as time goes along and things come into focus.
While I am known for planning many one-day writers conferences around the country, I also have instructed and organized some retreats over the years (such as one on the Greek isles), and I am excited for this chance to help writers and stir their passion and creativity. And where better than Maui?
Are you interested? If you are, a simple and key first step is just to email me — chucksambuchino@gmail.com — and let me know. Then, when more information becomes available (dates, costs), I will reach out and inform you. It’s that simple.
What I can tell you right now:

  • This is not a writers conference. It is a writing retreat. The amazing island setting allows writers to have the most downtime to write, learn, relax, meet other writers and read.
  • It will last 4-5 days.
  • I am aiming for fall/late 2020 — somewhere from September on of that year
  • Because of limited space, this is a first-come-first-serve retreat, with 20 or fewer spots available.
  • There will be almost a dozen intensive sessions on writing and publishing.
  • All attendees will receive various personal critiques on their work.
  • While many events take an academic focus, few events are able to seriously do all three of the following: 1) address the craft of writing and storytelling, 2) address the business of writing and getting published, and 3) allow writers plenty of time to recharge their batteries, read, and write creatively. This is a special retreat designed to not only maximize writing instruction and give writers the precise tools they need to get published, but also maximize personal time—whether than means writing, relaxing by the ocean, sipping a margarita, taking some time to meditate, or hopefully all four and much more.
  • Maui is awesome.

Thanks for your interest in the 2020 Writing Retreat in Maui. Again, a key first step is just to email me and say you’re interested in knowing more — chucksambuchino@gmail.com. Then when more info becomes available, I can let you know. If you’re interested at that point, you can move forward and book one of the exclusive spots at the retreat
Chuck Sambuchino

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